PositiveID has conducted initial side-by-side studies of its Easy Check device with the traditional strip and glucometer method, which requires a drop of blood, that have yielded consistent readings.

The goal of the Easy Check device is to eliminate a patient’s need to prick his or her finger multiple times per day in order to get a blood sugar reading.

PositiveID has released the preliminary results, comparing the accuracy of the Easy Check breath glucose detection device versus the standard ‘finger stick’ method.

The company’s laboratory studies were non-independent. The Company plans to initiate independent non-clinical trials by year-end.

PositiveID has also commenced development of a miniaturized commercial prototype, which is expected to be completed during 2011.

The lab prototype unit utilizes a single-use capsule containing a proprietary reagent that triggers a chemical reaction that can be immediately measured by an advanced optical sensor and a microprocessor to accurately correlate to blood glucose levels.

PositiveID expects to announce results from further laboratory testing in mid-2011.