Each PolyGel ThermoActive Lumbar Orthosis consists of 4 parts: An anatomically designed lumbar support, a handheld air pump to provide customized compression for total contact and easy adjustments, a removable gel pack that can either be frozen or heated and low temperature thermo-formable anterior and posterior panels that easily attach and are adjusted with a simple hook and loop attachment.

The removable gel pack and panels provide the option of administering cold or hot therapy either with or without the rigid panels. All total, the item can be configured in any of 4 different combinations to satisfy the need of any patient like Just the support; The support with the gel pack; The support with the panels; The complete set of the support with the pack and the panels.

PolyGel added that due to the ability to apply either hot or cold therapy, ThermoActive addresses almost every type of pain or injury, from acute to chronic to post-surgery recovery. Having additional gel packs on hand makes it faster to switch from hot to cold therapy or vice-versa in the same session or practice.