The grid-based platform is packed with features such as EHR, document storage with on demand scanning, a cloud-based collaborative productivity suite, and medical research library, making it easier than ever to manage a medical practice.

The virtual desktop of the system allows physician’s practices’ to get connected easily and securely from anywhere.

Point of Care Solutions CEO and founder Douglas Malie said AMP is a robust agile medical platform with intuitive features and seamless integration that makes the transition to the federal government’s healthcare mandates simple for doctors and medical staff.

"AMP is built within a cloud-computing environment and addresses the critical issues that physician’s practices – particularly small, budget-conscious medical offices face in the rapid changing healthcare environment and gives physicians the peace of mind knowing that they are completely secure and their software is HHS certified," Malie said.

AMP enables independent physicians with limited resources to effectively manage their IT requirements, without the traditional, highly customized solutions typically marketed by medical technology consultants to larger group practices.