Spiro PD, a personal spirometer, is used to measure the volume and flow of air entering and leaving the lungs and enables asthma, COPD, CF and lung transplants patients to easily and accurately monitor their lung function anytime and anywhere.

Spiro PD also aids patients to view their lung function trends over time, manage medications, set alarms reminding them to take medicine, do breathing exercises and quickly upload data to their computer and share it with their doctor.

PMD Healthcare founder, CEO and president Wayne Meng told Health News Digest that they are confident that this portable and personal spirometer will empower patients to better control their disease, by enhancing medication adherence, improving communication between doctor and patient and avoiding expensive ER trips and hospital stays.

The company said Spiro PD has received the US Food and Drug Administartion (FDA) approval and CE mark for the use by a patient to test lung function in children, adolescents and adults.