Oral Health America had created a program called ‘Smiles Across America’, to improve the oral health of elementary school students who lack access to routine dental care by supporting oral disease prevention services in school-based or school-linked settings, and demonstrating to communities that oral health is integral to overall health.

Plackers dental flossers will be sent to Oral Health America’s Smiles Across America program partners in Minnesota, Chicago, Denver, Maine, Las Vegas, California, West Virginia, New York City, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Dallas, and many other locations via Smiles Across America Product Donation Program distribution channels.

Beth Truett, president and CEO of Oral Health America, said: “Plackers’ product and monetary donations allow Oral Health America to support essential community programs that help uninsured and underserved children have access to oral disease prevention services, oral health products and education.

“One of Oral Health America’s key messages is how important it is to brush and floss daily for improved oral and systemic health, and this donation not only helps communities and the school oral health programs that serve them but helps to ensure that these programs are sustained for years to come.”

Tom Barman, director of marketing at Plackers, said: “Plackers is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Oral Health America and support the Smiles Across America and Fall for Smiles programs. Plackers is committed to educating families about the importance of flossing and routine dental care and ensuring that underserved communities have access to the oral care products and the oral health services they need.”