Vapotherm, a global medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of its proprietary Vapotherm high velocity therapy products, which are used to treat patients of all ages suffering from respiratory distress, today announced the presentation of an Investigator-initiated clinical trial, “High flow humidified oxygen as an early intervention in children with acute severe asthma – a feasibility randomized controlled trial” at the European Respiratory Society International Congress 2023. The study was conducted through the Brighton and Sussex Clinical Trial Unit at University Hospitals, Sussex, England under the direction of Drs. Hector Rojas-Anaya and Paul Seddon.

Children who presented to the Emergency Department with acute, severe, asthma exacerbations that did not respond to initial pharmacologic treatment were randomized to either HVNI or standard nasal oxygen therapy. Eighty-six percent (19/22) of children treated with standard oxygen required escalation of therapy, while only 61% (17/28) of children treated with HVNI needed further escalation. In addition, children treated with HVNI met hospital discharge criteria in a median time of 29 hours, compared to a median time of 37 hours for those treated with standard oxygen.

“Anytime a child with severe asthma can get well faster and avoid more invasive care it is a victory. We are excited and proud that our technology was utilized in this study and in the care of these children.” said Dr. Jessica Whittle, Chief Medical Officer of Vapotherm.

Almost 5 million children in the USA, and 1 million children in the UK have asthma, according to the CDC and NHS.

“These numbers show that we have an enormous opportunity to help children all over world breathe better and have better lives with our technology,” said Joe Army, CEO of Vapotherm.

Source: Company Press Release