Phytel CEO Steve Schelhammer said the company’s QMS is in complete alignment with the Total Quality Management (TQM) standards embodied in ISO’s internationally recognized criteria.

"In working towards this certification, we have addressed every aspect of Phytel’s operations and have thoroughly involved every employee in the deployment of our Quality Management System," Schelhammer added.

Phytel chief medical officer Richard Hodach said, "Phytel’s commitment to TQM is in precise alignment with our clients’ focus on quality improvement as they also are using TQM approaches to increase efficiency and achieve world-class patient outcomes."

Prevea Health president and CEO Ashok Rai said the company is committed to improve population health, using its automation tools and the principles of total quality management.

"We believe strongly that Lean and Six Sigma can help Prevea maximize efficiency in our operations, and we know that Phytel is right beside us in embracing TQM to create better outcomes for our patients at a lower cost," Rai added.