Under the collaboration, the Philips HealthSuite cloud platform will be connected to the SURFsara national research infrastructure to offer new cloud-based research services.

Through a user-friendly portal for online collaboration, data scientists and clinical researchers will have secure high-speed access to Big Data, supercomputing facilities, combined Philips and SURFsara analytics tools, machine learning technology and IT services.

The services will allow scientists and researchers to move, share, combine and re-use extremely large sets of data available across academic medical institutions and research programs.

They will help to analyze the large amounts of data generated by disciplines such as genomics, digital pathology and imaging.

Philips connected care and health informatics CEO Jeroen Tas said: "Today, hospitals can already retrieve massive amounts data from multiple sources and various disciplines, and through research obtain new clinical insights.

"But even greater value lies in combining, normalizing and analyzing the current islands of data. Our integrated services aim to combine data on all levels and connect health systems, clinical expertise and research programs in a secure and compliant manner."

SURFsara CEO Anwar Osseyran said: "SURFsara supports the national life science research with ICT experience and has a mission to connect business to research."