CarePoint is an integrated resident safety and wander management system that is already used by thousands of senior living communities across the US and Canada.

The upgraded CarePoint 5.0 solution, which features AutoAlert automatic fall detection technology, is supported by SmartCare software that oversees and processes a multitude of functions with speed and precision.

It is claimed to be one of the first resident safety systems to comply with the requirements for emergency call systems in assisted living and independent living communities.

The system takes network support to offer emergency response coverage over an entire community, indoors and out. It will gather information from the multiple wireless receivers and links strategically placed throughout the facility.

The signal calling for help enters the system through a receiver close to the resident, when a resident needs emergency assistance.

It enables CarePoint to indicate the resident’s general location, which is communicated via the system to staff to respond and provide assistance quickly.

Philips home monitoring and product management senior director Marcia Conrad-Miller said: "CarePoint 5.0 is a truly unique system that allows senior living communities to support their best practices, protocols and management needs in an ever evolving market – showcasing Philips’s all-encompassing approach to improve care.

"As communities change and grow, this solution allows for easy modification to help keep seniors safe and independent."