The company unveiled a new portfolio of digital imaging systems, intelligent software and services at the 2016 Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting (RSNA) in the US.

The event is being held from 27 November to 1 December in Chicago.

Philips’ new digital imaging systems comprised of IQon, which is a detector-based spectral CT scanner that delivers maximum spectral results in a single scan.

Featuring digital photon counting (DPC) technology, Vereos is the digital PET/CT system that provides better volumetric resolution, sensitivity gain and quantitative accuracy compared to analog systems.

The Lumify ultra-mobile solution can be used at the clinician level from any compatible Android smart device for earlier diagnosis.

Designed for radiologists and administrators, Philips HealthSuite includes integrated software, solutions and services such as IntelliSpace Portal 9.0, Illumeo and PerformanceBridge.

IntelliSpace Portal 9.0, which is an advanced visual analysis and quantification platform, includes a suite of multi-modality functions and expanded neurological tools.

The platform enables radiologists to detect diagnose and follow-up on treatment of diseases, while using new machine learning capabilities to support the physician..

Illumeo is a new imaging and informatics technology with adaptive intelligence designed for radiologists to work with medical images.

PerformanceBridge is a new suite of performance management software and services that will allow radiology departments to enhance productivity and improve patient experience.

Philips diagnosis and treatment CEO Robert Cascella said: “More than ever before, the identification and effective treatment of disease is dependent upon advanced diagnostics.

“Philips is delivering the most innovative digital imaging systems combined with intelligent informatics for decision support, to enable a first-time-right approach to definitive diagnoses.”

Image: Philips IntelliSpace Portal 9.0 is an advanced visual analysis and quantification platform. Photo: courtesy of Koninklijke Philips N.V.