Claimed to be the world’s first and only spectral detector CT, the Philips IQon Spectral CT will deliver on-demand colour quantification, in addition to characterizing structures at a low dose.

The CT scanner offers multiple layers of retrospective and diagnostic data in a single, low-dose scan with seamless integration into existing hospital system protocols.

With its new dual-layer spectral detector, the scanner will add spectral resolution to traditional CT scanning.

The scanner holds capacity to identify photons of high energy and low energy simultaneously, helping to view anatomy and use color to characterize the material content of critical structures.

The company will exhibit IQon Spectral CT and other advanced imaging solutions at the the 2016 Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting (RSNA) in Chicago.

The event will take place from 27 November to 1 December.

Philips Canada president and CEO Iain Burns said: “The Philips IQon Spectral CT is further proof of our commitment of delivering meaningful innovation.

“Today’s patient centered healthcare environment requires the ability to enable ‘first-time’ right testing and diagnostics.”

“With just one scan, the new Philips IQon Spectral CT can provide clinicians with the information required to help them make confident diagnoses quickly.’’