Following a thorough qualification and verification process, Medic Vision's FDA-cleared SafeCT®-29 product is now officially recommended by Philips as a solution for customers that have CT & PET/CT scanners that are not fully compliant with XR-29 standards and for which Philips does not offer an XR-29 update.

Philips tested SafeCT-29, evaluated its FDA 510(k) clearance and determined SafeCT-29 to be safe and effective.

SafeCT-29 is a patent-pending, innovative, add-on system that provides full compliance with the XR-29 Dose Check and Dose Report ("RDSR") functions for CT and PET/CT systems of all vendors and models. It is the only third-party XR-29 solution that is FDA-cleared.  

"We are proud that Philips Healthcare trusts Medic Vision to deliver high-quality dependable solutions at a level consistent with Philips' quality as a leading global healthcare company," said Eyal Aharon, CEO of Medic Vision.

"The selection of Medic Vision by Philips validates the quality of the products and services offered by Medic Vision," Aharon said.

According to the agreement between the companies, Philips sales and service personnel will now recommend Medic Vision's SafeCT-29 to Philips customers with XR-29 noncompliant CT and PET/CT scanners.

Integration of SafeCT-29 will not affect the Philips warranty, Customer Support Agreement, or its commitment to service the Philips scanners. With that, Philips demonstrates its commitment to help its customers with all scanners and models reaching XR-29 compliance.