Headquartered in Belfast, PathXL provides a range of digital pathology software applications to research and education segments of pathology and bio-pharma markets.

The company offers digital pathology image analysis, workflow software and educational tools to its customers.

With offices in the UK and the US, the company has distributors across three continents.

Philips digital pathology solutions general manager Russ Granzow said: "Together with PathXL we see a unique opportunity to amplify our combined technology leadership positions.

"We will be able to offer an intelligent and integrated solution that fulfills many needs in computational pathology, education, workflow solutions and image analytics."

Digital pathology will allow pathologists to review and share large sets of clinical data by using image analytics.

Philips also produces lntelliSite pathology solution, which is an automated digital pathology image creation, management and viewing system.

The system features pathology slide scanner, image management system and software tools.

IntelliSite pathology solution received CE mark approval and Health Canada for in vitro diagnostic use.

It is also indicated for in vitro diagnostic use for manual read of the digital HER2 application in the US.

Image: Philips has acquired medical imaging firm PathXL. Photo: courtesy of Koninklijke Philips N.V.