A VNA is a universal data management solution that enables healthcare organizations to archive medical images, documents and other clinically relevant data in a standard format. These stored files can be accessed in a vendor neutral manner by other informatics systems.

The partnership allows to combine Philips’ expertise in enterprise medical image management solutions with Hitachi’s digital health data management capabilities.

THe new soltion provides images stored in multivendor systems and infrastructures of various departments to clinician residing at any location within the health system.

Clinicians can access relevant multi-discipline medical imaging information within three seconds, helping in complete and integrated view of an individual patient’s medical condition over time.

Philips healthcare IT general manger and senior vice president Yair Briman said: "Conventional VNA solutions have struggled to satisfy the performance and scalability requirements of large healthcare enterprises.

"Together with Hitachi, we have been working on the development of a robust and secure solution that will integrate the entire medical imaging portfolio in one universal data management platform that is highly scalable, standards based and delivers the performance our customers need."

Philips intends to make VNA solution available for customers in the second half of this year. It complements the firm’s Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and image analysis solutions.

According to Philips, its HealthSuite digital-platform helps to manage around 135 billion medical images.