Aridol is a single-use, indirect test that is easy-to-administer, requires minimal preparation time and a 15% reduction in lung function from baseline for a positive test.

Aridol was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on 5 October 2010, and demonstrated safety and efficacy in two Phase III clinical trials.

Pharmaxis said Aridol should not be used as a stand alone test to assess asthma or as a screening test for asthma, but as part of a physician’s overall assessment of asthma.

Pharmaxis president Stephen Beckman said Aridol is an advancement in bronchial challenge testing – the first in 20 years and a significant addition to the tools available to help in an overall assessment of asthma.

"We are excited to provide patients and the medical community with an effective, accurate and reproducible test that can be conducted in the convenience of a pulmonary function lab or physician’s office," Beckman said.