NewCardio, a cardiovascular diagnostic solutions developer, has reported that Pharma Lynx, a global contract research organization and a subsidiary of Diverse Lynx, have signed an MSA to license NewCardio's QTinno solution for use in Phase 1 studies.

NewCardio’s QTinno, is a software suite that provides automated, comprehensive cardiac safety analysis as defined in the ICH E14 Guidance for Clinical Evaluation of QT/QTc interval prolongation and proarrhythmic potential for non-antiarrhythmic drugs.

In addition, Pharma Lynx has signed a services work order, which includes the delivery of standard operating procedures (SOP) and validation kits, as well as professional services, in order to accelerate the integration of QTinno into its core clinical trial service offerings and as such, its readiness for delivering ECG core lab services to its sponsor customers.

NewCardio claims that the QTinno, based on company’s technology and approach, is the most advanced, validated software solution for performing high quality, cost effective automated cardiac safety analysis in drug development.

NewCardio president and CEO Vincent Renz said that this agreement is further evidence of growing market awareness, and more importantly, market adoption of QTinno, automated cardiac safety solution, as an alternative to the current methodologies employed in QTc studies, given its ability to deliver quality ECG analysis in a more timely and cost effective manner.