The Symbia T TruePoint SPECT-CT from Siemens Healthcare provides the hospital access to enhanced molecular imaging and fast acquisition times to assist with achieving efficient clinical workflows.

The Symbia T is a hybrid system combining a dual-detector variable angle gamma camera with a 2-slice CT scanner for rapid, accurate attenuation correction and precise localisation of molecular imaging data.

The system will be used for a full range of nuclear medicine procedures at Perth Royal Infirmary including orthopaedic and cardiac scans.

Siemens Healthcare Product and Applications Specialist Scott Taylor said the Symbia T is the first dual-detector gamma camera on the site giving the hospital greater flexibility to conduct a full gambit of nuclear medicine studies and improve its service to the local community.

"With fast image acquisition and ability to deal with bariatric patients, the SPECT-CT is a valuable new tool for clinicians," Taylor said.