PerkinElmer said the PinAAcle series’ configuration allows for compact design without compromising instrument performance in applications like environmental regulations for drinking water, clinical usage in customer-validated applications such as screening for lead, and requirements of food safety and nutritional labelling.

The PinAAcle series’ performance is enhanced when used with PerkinElmer Lumina hollow cathode lamps and patented graphite tubes.

WinLab32 software enhances laboratory productivity by reducing the time required for method development, sample analysis and report generation.

The software automates furnace method development, and burner head alignment with gas flow optimization ensuring safe, reproducible method setup.

PerkinElmer Analytical Science and Laboratory Services president Dusty Tenney said PinAAcle series with longitudinal Zeeman furnace and optical design helps researchers meet or exceed regulatory requirements and delivers challenging matrices which makes it essential for laboratories.