US-based PerkinElmer has introduced a new Mantra quantitative pathology workstation with inForm image analysis software for cancer immunology and immunotherapy research.


The new system allows the researchers to investigate the spatial relationships among multiple types of immune cells simultaneously within and around solid tumors.

PerkinElmer life sciences and technology president Brian Kim said: "Cancer immunology research provides hope for better outcomes, especially as new drug candidates make their way through the development process.

"PerkinElmer is transforming how researchers can see the distributions of immune cells in the tumors they are treating, which can have a significant impact on their understanding of the immune system’s role in cancer."

Mantra workstation is a quantitative pathology imaging solution for quantifying biomarkers and protein expression in situ, noted PerkinElmer.

It helps in developing multiplexed immune cell and protein expression profiling assays for cellular phenotyping in the tumor and tumor microenvironment of standard formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections.

The new system integrates Opal multiplexed immunohistochemistry reagents, and inForm software’s new quantitative per-cell analysis for phenotyping immune cells in situ.

It will also acquire images with minimal microscope manipulation to visualize the distributions of multiple immune cell phenotypes simultaneously.

Image: Mantra quantitative pathology workstation with inform image analysis software. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.