POD is a vessel occlusion tool for vascular embolization that features anchor technology, allowing precise placement of the device at the target location.

It is designed to be delivered through a high-flow microcatheter, allowing physician to mechanically occlude distal vessels.

Penumbra chairman and CEO Adam Elsesser said: "POD is a significant advancement for vascular embolization.

"Its unique design enables POD to anchor to the vessel wall, enabling interventionalists to increase accuracy and packing density during embolization procedures. Increased packing density helps ensure more effective embolization."

At the event, the company will also present results of two clinical trials featuring Penumbra technology, including multicenter results of the acute limb ischemia revascularization study, PRISM, utilizing the Indigo Thromboembolectomy System.

In addition, the Aneurysm Coiling Efficiency (ACE) study is said to analyze the benefit of high packing density on the long-term outcome of peripheral embolization with the Ruby Coil.

Penumbra develops and markets medical devices to treat neurovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease and neurosurgery.