The new Defina system, which features an advanced HD processor with i-scan imaging technology and two HD bronchoscopes, can be used in a range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

It provides detailed visualization to gather anatomical details of the bronchial mucosa, as well as facilitates the precise detection and demarcation of suspicious areas and assists in characterization of abnormalities to support therapeutic decisions.

The system is Sterrad compatible, showing it is multidrug resistant and extreme drug resistant Mycobacterium.

Pentax Medical EMEA president Rainer Burkard said: "Through our close relations with practising endoscopists worldwide, we have looked to develop a high-definition video endoscope system that delivers the optimum in visualization, providing crystal clarity.

"We have produced a system that also offers high standards of hygiene and ergonomics for the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the Pulmonology field. Our new DEFINA system in pulmonology is engineered to support the delivery of best clinical outcomes and image quality."

The company will commercially market the system from September in all EMEA markets, except Russia.

Last month, Pentax Medial launched new ScopePilot product in Europe for 3D navigation control of endoscope systems.

The company’s new ScopePilot Navigation Control Unit is claimed to offer true 3D representation of an endoscope’s position when inside a patient’s bowel tract.

Image: The new Pentax Medical Defina system in Pulmonology. Photo: courtesy of PENTAX Medical.