The new endoscope uses an instrument channel to deliver the optimal balance of a slim insertion tube and to meet the demand for EUS applications in the upper gastrointestinal tract as well as for the staging of lung cancer patients.

The company said endoscope’s ultrasound imaging, which is further enhanced by Elastography and contrast-enhanced EUS, provides numerous options for detailed assessment of organs, lymph nodes and masses.

The EG-3270UK also exhibits flexibility and advanced maneuverability, allowing for more comfort for both patient and examiner, while the small distal end facilitates easier intubation of the patient and advancement up to the duodenum.

University Hospital Santiago de Compostela spokesperson Julio Iglesias-Garcia said the newly developed ultrasound transducer always produces a very homogenous and stable image.

"In my opinion this new scope is a true innovation and I am looking forward to using the scope during daily clinical routine," Garcia added.