Sharklet Technologies, a biotechnology company that created Sharklet, the world’s first micro-texture that inhibits bacterial growth on surfaces, has announced that it has completed a financing event led by Peaceful Union, an equity medical device firm in Hangzhou, China.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The acquisition of the company will enable Sharklet Technologies to accelerate the development of Sharklet for medical devices where chemical-free bacterial inhibition is desired as well as high-touch surfaces prone to bacterial contamination.

The company also will accelerate development of a newly enhanced wound dressing technology to encourage healing.

Joe Bagan and Mark Spiecker led the transaction structure. “This is an important day for the company and investors,” said Joe Bagan, former board chair, and Mark Spiecker, former CEO. “Our investors will realize a significant transaction while enabling the company to accelerate growth.”

In concert with the investment, Sharklet Technologies founding member, chief technology officer, and Sharklet inventor Dr. Anthony Brennan, will become chairman of the board assuming duties from chairman Joe Bagan and CEO Mark Spiecker.

“Today’s event marks a significant moment in Sharklet Technologies’ history. Ten years ago, we discovered Sharklet’s extraordinary capabilities as a new way of inhibiting microorganism growth,” said Dr. Brennan.

“Since then, we have pioneered new manufacturing methods to bring the technology to market with the intention to create cleaner surfaces without chemistry. We have continued profound opportunity to change the way we co-exist with microorganisms around us. We look forward to inventing the next chapter for Sharklet Technologies and bringing Sharklet-enhanced products to market.”

Brennan inspired the founding of Sharklet Technologies when his research at the University of Florida revealed that a microscopic texture mimicking sharkskin maintained microorganism growth inhibition properties.

The micro-texture is comprised of a highly-ordered series of bars arranged in an interlocked diamond pattern which creates a surface that microorganisms find inhospitable for attachment and growth. The technology was invented for marine environments to address biofouling with funding support from the Office of Naval Research. Later, the Sharklet micro-texture was proven effective in inhibiting bacteria that impact human health.

Sharklet Technologies will maintain its headquarters at Bioscience Center Park Center, a biotechnology incubator in the Fitzsimons Life Science District adjacent to the renowned Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colo. Sharklet Technologies employs 20 people including the Sharklet Technologies manufacturing team located in Chicago that specializes in nano- and micro-structure design and manufacturing.

Sharklet Technologies is a biotechnology company that develops surface technologies that are designed to inhibit microorganism growth to make the world a healthier, environmentally safer and better place.

Inspired by the microbial-resistant properties of sharkskin, Sharklet™, the company’s core technology, is the world’s first micro-texture developed to control bacteria including Staph a., MRSA, VRE, E. coli and a host of others. Sharklet is suited for commercial, healthcare, and high-touch environments where bacterial inhibition is desired.