Patton Surgical’s patent-pending Robotic 8.5mm Endoscope PassPort is the disposable 8.5mm endoscope trocar available for use with da Vinci Surgical Systems and the new da Vinci Si 8.5mm 3D Endoscope.

The 8.5mm PassPort and Robotic 12x100mm PassPort of Patton have been validated by Intuitive Surgical for use in da Vinci robotic procedures, specifically gynecological procedures, including hysterectomies, sacralcolpopexies, myomectomies and tubal ligations.

The PassPort provides several benefits to robotic-assisted surgeons with a port that adapts securely to the da Vinci camera mount, allows for precise port placement due to its clear cannula with remote center bands and has a low-profile cannula head to maximise range of motion.

The PassPort robotic camera port is equipped with features designed to reduce complications before, during and after the procedure like the protective SmartTip allows for controlled blunt entry, secondly, the seal design maintains a clear endoscope, and the other feature PassPort leaves behind a small fascial defect.

Michael Patton, founder and chief medical officer of Patton Surgical, said: “Our company collaborates with surgeons to create innovative solutions to common surgical problems. Surgeons utilizing the da Vinci Surgical System want to take full advantage of this revolutionary technology without distraction.

“By incorporating our PassPort trocars and highly functional robotic cannulas, robotic-assisted surgeons are able to focus 100% of their attention on the surgical procedure. This new product launch underscores the importance of our technology in advancing minimally invasive and robotic surgery beyond conventional laparoscopy to the next generation of MIS.”