The Illumina MiSeqDx is a benchtop sequencing system designed to optimize the company’s ability to develop and run diagnostic applications.

The benchtop sequencing system, which is validated for the clinical market, enables sample multiplexing, maximizing operator efficiency and increasing throughput.

Pathway Genomics founder and CEO Jim Plante said the acquisition of this vital piece of technology is a necessary step for the company to maintain its commitment to clinical innovation.

Allowing for a highly efficient workflow with minimal hands-on time, the MiSeqDx prepares DNA for sequencing following a streamlined process that includes ready-to-use reagents.

Pathway Genomics chief strategy officer Ardy Arianpour said the company’s investment in the first FDA-cleared sequencer is part of its strategic plans to grow its next-generation sequencing capacity on multiple platforms for genetic testing.

"We have a full suite of services ready to be launched on the MiSeqDx, which will include both single genes and comprehensive panels," Arianpour added.