The two companies will also work together on application and method development. This multimodal imaging system combines the chemical selectivity of Raman spectroscopy with particle size and morphology characterization from Clemex Technologies.

Robert Lee, VP of pharmaceutical development at PSI, said: “Particle Sciences works with combination products and other formulation systems where precise location of the API and its particle size are of critical importance. This new device will enable us to approach this question with a robust and validatable system. Since this is an important area for us, we are happy to get the system in house at this early stage.”

Andrew Whitley, VP of sales at HORIBA, said: “We are confident that PSI, with its broad range of challenging products, will be a tremendous asset in demonstrating the unique characterization capabilities enabled by combining the two powerful techniques of particle analysis and Raman chemical imaging in a single system.”

“Particle Sciences is a leader in particulate formulations in both semisolids and devices. Having their input in the final product will help us ensure we provide our customers with the greatest utility and most useful interface possible.”