Parexel stated that the new solutions are built on the Perceptive Cloud platform and will use its relationship with Microsoft.

The solutions will incorporate mobile and wearable technology to increase access to data and improve the patient experience in clinical research.

The first solution has been designed to provide health care staff and first line clinicians to communicate time-sensitive events to study staff. It will use Microsoft Azure App Services.

The solution will generate health alerts through data transmission from mobile devices, gathered at the patient home or in the field and will automatically forward whenever there is connectivity.

Staff and investigators will be automatically informed and will be able to address any threat to patient safety, potentially decreasing risk of patient mortality and morbidity.

Parexel is also working on several projects that will use mobile medical devices in clinical trials.

Parexel’s Patient Sensor Solution capabilities will now include expanded list of connected medical devices and integration with DataLabs, electronic data capture technology and ClinPhone randomization and trial supply management (RTSM), interactive response solution for randomization and trial supplies management.

The Sensor Solution will use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to support predictive monitoring of patient compliance and has been expanded to manage larger volumes of data transfer.

These solutions are built on Perceptive Cloud, a cloud solution designed by Parexel that can safeguard sensitive information.

The company developed the solutions in collaboration with Microsoft. they integrate cloud services including Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and Azure Stream Analytics.

Parexel chief information officer Douglas Barta said: “Technology has made it possible to access more meaningful data than ever before, while improving the patient experience. The challenge is in collecting that data in a way that is efficient for the patient, site, and investigator.

“Parexel has always been committed to helping our clients solve their most difficult challenges and applying both our innovative technology development and strategic alliance capabilities to provide seamless, patient-centric solutions to benefit our customers and their patients.”

Microsoft US health and life sciences vice president Chris Sakalosky said: “Clinical development is an area ripe for digital transformation, and industry leaders like Parexel are integrating Microsoft Azure into their solutions to help do just that.

“Through this collaboration, we can reduce costs, make services more efficient, and in turn, provide better care to patients.”