The drysmart® pad is an integral part of the Parasol Patient Fall Prevention System, the only fall prevention system that addresses incontinence — the leading cause for falls.

According to peer reviewed healthcare studies, elimination-related falls are responsible for more than 50% of falls within acute care facilities.1 These occur when patients wet themselves, or feel the urgency to go, get up and fall ambulating to the bathroom; or fall off the toilet.

"Only drysmart® pads monitor wetness in real-time and give nurses more time to reach a patient before they get up and risk a fall," says Mike Kilcran, President of Parasol Medical. "Plus, since pads can be changed promptly, they can also help with wound prevention and reduce incontinence-associated dermatitis," he adds.

These highly absorbent, disposable pads are placed on top of the fitted sheet under the patient. They are coated with thermal conductive ink that’s moisture sensitive, sending an alarm in real-time through the patented Parasol monitors.

Drysmart® pads easily integrate with wired and wireless Parasol Medical™ Monitors, and existing nurse call systems.