The EJ-CA01UP features Panasonic’s proprietary digital image signal processing for delivery of still and video color reproduction of both teeth and gums.

The EJ-CA01UP also features six-lens auto-focusing for ultra-sharp imaging and image-stabilization to minimize retakes caused by shaky hands.

Panasonic said the intraoral camera with an extreme focusing range (0mm to infinity) makes the EJ-CA01UP suited for producing detailed images for distribution to other caregivers such as oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

It also offers documenting before-and-after-procedure changes for use as defense exhibits in potential malpractice lawsuits, and creates visual study materials for dental colleges and dental technician training centers.

Panasonic System Networks Company of America President Bill Taylor said with EJ-CAO1UP intraoral camera dentists can take patients on a video tour of their mouth from below the gum line to the crown, showing ‘pockets,’ ‘plaque deposits’ and ‘abscesses.’

"Images can be viewed on a PC to enable the patient to visually compare the effects of prescribed home care during follow up visits," Taylor said.