Pall said that through the agreement, blood centers will have access to its fully integrated collection and filtration solution, including a complete data management software system that improves the efficiency and profitability of blood center operations.

The fully automated HemoFlow 400 combines a mixing action with a collection tracking system to maximize the use of whole blood donations. To further enhance efficiency, ensure accuracy and protect blood units, the HemoFlow 400 both audibly and visually guides users through the donation process and displays flow rate, elapsed time, current and target volume, total weight collected, and any relevant messages in up to nine languages.

Pall said that with its small design and light weight, the HemoFlow 400 is highly flexible and can be used for both mobile and fixed site donations and, with its off-the-floor mounting, requires no footprint in tight spaces. It is FDA 510k market cleared, CE-marked, and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

The HemoFlow 400 complements Pall’s closed system collection and filtration sets by ensuring the consistency and accuracy of draw volume, and safeguarding the integrity of collections. This integrated offering for blood centers is an ideal solution for optimising workflow and improving product yields, safety and availability.

In partnering with Pall for the distribution and integration of the HemoFlow 400 within its family of blood collection products, ASI is taking advantage of Pall’s major presence in the life sciences marketplace.

Jonathan Morgan, president and CEO of ASI, said: “Our strategic alliance with Pall leverages the credibility and distribution access that will assure customer satisfaction and deliver added-value to the blood banks that rely on Pall products to keep their operations running smoothly.”

Allan Ross, president of Pall Medical, said: “With ASI’s HemoFlow 400 as part of our offering, Pall is providing a single-source solution that optimizes collection yields, product quality and blood center revenue streams.”

Pall is a filtration, separation and purification leader providing Total Fluid Management solutions to meet the critical needs of customers in biopharmaceutical; hospital, transfusion and veterinary medicine; energy and alternative energy; electronics; municipal and industrial water; aerospace; transportation and broad industrial markets.