Founded in 2005 by Andy Bonin, Pacific Medical repairs, services and sells new and refurbished medical equipment, specializing in patient monitoring devices and corresponding accessories.

Since inception, Pacific Medical has expanded to cover many different facets of patient monitoring equipment by repairing devices and accessories, selling equipment/parts, and providing technical support.

"We are really excited about the partnership with Jordan Health Products," says Bonin. "I anticipate JHP will help us expand into the rapidly growing, highly fragmented global equipment market."

The partnership reflects JHP's optimistic outlook for Pacific Medical and the success of Pacific Medical's business. 

"JHP is the perfect partner to help us go after new customers in new markets, as well as introducing us to the untapped market segments that JHP has already penetrated," Bonin concluded. JHP's healthcare equipment and service business is focused on the complete lifecycle of medical, surgical, diagnostic imaging and oncology equipment, including sales, install, service, repair, sourcing and refurbishing.

Pacific Medical will be part of the JHP group of healthcare companies, providing incremental resources, networking and cross-selling opportunities.

JHP is focused on a strategic expansion into the rapidly growing, highly fragmented global equipment market. Pacific Medical joins the following companies as part of the JHP portfolio:

 Global Medical Imaging, LLC, Charlotte, NC

DRE Medical Group, Inc., Louisville, KY

 Integrated Rental Services, Inc., Louisville, KY

 Oncology Services International Inc., Montebello, NY 

JHP expects additional acquisitions to further augment service expansion and growth across these platforms.