The program includes funding grants to qualified applicants so they can purchase and install updated hearing screening technology.

Under the initiative, OZ Systems also is providing midwives additional education about the importance of hearing screening, as well as training on how to collect screening data and submit it to the state’s Web-based health information management system that is powered by OZ System’s eScreener Plus (eSP) solution.

OZ Systems audiologist and technical advisor Karen Ditty said Midwives may provide more personalized care and experiences than other healthcare institutions, but they often lack the high-quality hearing screening equipment that larger hospitals and health systems can deploy.

"This initiative with TEHDI helps level the technology playing field for participating midwives, and ultimately benefits all newborns in the state," Ditty said.

OZ System’s eSP solution is the newborn web-based hearing and metabolic screening data solution, which provides enhanced information management and communications capabilities for public health organizations, hospitals, practitioners and educators.