The amendment include preclinical trials using swine models to assess the safety and efficacy of Oxygen Biotherapeutics’ Oxycyte perfluorocarbon emulsion (PFCE) in conjunction with recompression therapy, for spinal cord injury (SCI), due to decompression sickness (DCS) and for hemorrhagic shock.

The companies said that the hemorrhagic shock protocol expects to look at using Oxycyte for preservation of systemic oxygenation in large porcine models.

Oxygen Biotherapeutics chairman and CEO Chris Stern said that they are pleased that the Navy broadened the existing CRADA to include additional indications for its preclinical studies with Oxycyte.

“If studies show that Oxycyte safely and effectively carries oxygen to deprived organs quickly and, in the case of decompression sickness, removes dangerous levels of nitrogen from tissues, it may improve emergency medical responses to soldiers and civilians facing traumatic injuries,” Stern said.