Owen Mumford senior product manager Tania MacKenzie said: “We are delighted to be introducing the product to the European market for the first time at AIDS2018 in Amsterdam.

“We believe that Simplitude Pro HIV meets the need for a reliable point-of-care diagnostic test that is simple to use and offers confidence in reliable test results to both patients and healthcare professionals.”

Simplitude Pro HIV is the first rapid diagnostic test with a built-in safety lancet, blood collection unit, and strip test.

The blood collection unit ensures that the correct amount of blood is collected and transferred to give health care professionals confidence in a reliable result, while its built-in feature allows for a simplified procedure. This addresses several of the key challenges identified with rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) such as under collection of blood and complicated instructions which research has been shown to lead to user error.

Tania MacKenzie said: “We believe that overcoming users’ concerns around RDTs will encourage higher levels of testing in Europe and will improve early diagnosis, which is known to increase the chances of living a long and healthy life, while reducing the chances of HIV being transmitted to others.”[2]

The device, which has already seen success in Africa, will be available to the European market in early 2019.

Owen Mumford will be demonstrating the Simplitude Pro HIV at booth 304 throughout AIDS2018.

Source: Company Press Release