The system features 3SI (3 simultaneous interpretations) Interpretive Blood Pressure Monitoring Algorithm.

OSTAR A300 Remote Telehealth Vital Signs Patient Monitoring System can be configured based on provider, physician, nurse, chronic disease, drug, ACO metric and any other relevant data, using a simple integrated bar code scanner.

In addition, the device automatically connects to WIFI/Cellphone networks, and sends relevant data to EMRs and HIEs located anywhere in the world.

OSTAR’s A300 Remote Telehealth Vital Signs Monitoring System is said to be the first release of the A Series vital signs monitoring systems.

OSTAR Healthcare Technology president and CEO Doug Hemenway said the North American launch of OSTAR A300 brings forth a revolutionary, configurable, nurse centered approach to remote monitoring.

"Coupled with the extended LIPO battery life, the A300 instantly improves nurse productivity and satisfaction in lockstep with current Care Coordination Requirements. All OSTAR products reinforce OSTAR’s commitment to improving patient outcomes, while avoiding unnecessary costs, in lockstep with the Accountable Care Act (PPACA)," Hemenway added.

V3 Healthcare Strategies president Paul Mark said, "Given the current transformation of healthcare and trend to remote telehealth in the United States, this comprehensive nurse-centered form of remote telehealth changes the game for providers and insurance companies."

Image: OSTAR has launched A Series Cloud Based Telehealth Patient Monitoring System in North America. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto/OSTAR.