Oncology Services International (OSI) has partnered with Consensys Imaging Service to deliver enhanced services to radiation oncology facilities.

As part of the deal, Consensys will provide OSI with CT service solutions in US.

OSI president and CEO Richard Hall said: "We realized that many of our linear accelerator service customers are looking for similarly improved service on their CT simulator equipment.

"Partnering with Consensys®, a national leader in CT service and repair, allows us to expand our service options to radiation therapy facilities."

The deal will also help Consensys to cross-sell linear accelerator services, which will expand both organizations customer solutions.
Consensys president and CEO Jim Spearman said the OSI’s experience and commitment to service is exceptional and mirrors firm’s culture of service excellence.

Established in 1985, OSI provides ongoing service and maintenance on around 220 linear accelerators and CTs, and sells its factory-tested Precision Certified radiation oncology medical devices in 30 countries.

Consensys provides equipment relocation, emergency repair and maintenance services for MRI, CT, mammography and ultrasound devices.