Medical device firm OrthoGrid Systems is set to introduce new HipGrid Drone, a non-invasive fluoroscopic guide for total hip replacement (THR).


The company will launch the new product at the American Academy of Hip and Knee Surgeon (AAHKS) meeting in Dallas, US, which will be held from 5 to 8 November.

HipGrid Drone is a class I reusable medical device that received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and works with standard C-arms available in most operating rooms.

Based on surgical preference and fluoroscope type, Orthopedic surgeons can select any one from two distinct techniques, HipGrid TearDrop Target (9") technique or HipGrid TearDrop Vector (12") technique.

The firm introduced HipGrid technology one year ago, which addresses proper implant positioning and leg length inequality.

HipGrid Drone is an intraoperative radiographic alignment system that is claimed to maximize cost reduction opportunities by incentivizing administrative expense reductions.

OrthoGrid Systems co-founder Richard Boddington said: "It is easy to learn, effortlessly adopted by any operating room and remarkably cost efficient. Simply put, our products allow surgeons to perform their best in surgery. Patients only want the best outcomes possible.

"After years of observing this technology at work, we are confident that any surgeon trialing the new HipGrid Drone will discover new information that enhances the quality of intraoperative assessment of key elements of total hip surgery."

In November 2014, OrthoGrid Systems introduced HipGrid for anterior and posterior approach THR. It is a set of set of proprietary, radiopaque and fluoroscopic guides designed to help address common challenges associated with THR.

Image: OrthoGrid Systems’ new HipGrid Drone. Photo: courtesy of OrthoGrid Systems, Inc.