The ArthroSteer Biter is the disposable biter used for meniscal shoulder and knee repair. A sharp jaw for every procedure affords the tissue interaction.

OrthoDynamix said that the Biter is steerable, allowing access to and around joint capsule structures. Besides the jaw’s ability to bend 180 degrees, the jaw orientation to the tissue plane is made possible by the 360 degree jaw rotation which is independent of the bend.

According to OrthoDynamix, the Biter will join four other ArthroSteer steerable devices the Punch, Grasper, Ablator and Coagulator which were developed to afford better outcomes in hip arthroscopy. The ArthroSteer product line is distributed by independent sports medicine groups throughout the US.

Bill Dennis, CEO, said: “The ArthroSteer Biter can literally eliminate dozens of reusable biter instruments configured with varying pre-set bent shafts. The Biter is our first device designed for use outside hip arthroscopy. We will be expanding our steerable technology platform with additional sports medicine devices this year.”