OrthoAccel Technologies has entered into a partnership with Australia-based orthodontic supplies company AB Orthodontics to introduce AcceleDent System to the Australian market.

AcceleDent, an acceleration device to enhance orthodontics, was introduced to the UK in the previous year. Results from the first clinical trial were presented in Orthodontic Practice US, a new industry publication.

According to the companies, the study demonstrated increased rates of tooth movement as a result of using AcceleDent for 20 minutes daily. The device was also well tolerated by study patients, who actually reported increasingly favorable satisfaction scores over the course of treatment.

Mike Kaufman, VP of marketing and business development at OrthoAccel, said: “Attending the 7th International Orthodontic Congress earlier this year in Sydney provided us a first-hand opportunity to experience the Australian orthodontic market and meet many of the key opinion leaders. With Andrew and his team of AB Orthodontics, we believe we have found the ideal long-term partner for the Australian and New Zealand markets.”

Reportedly, OrthoAccel had received TGA clearance previous year to commercialize AcceleDent in Australia, and attended the World Federation of Orthodontists 7th International Orthodontic Conference in Sydney earlier this year.

Andrew Binns, managing director of AB Orthodontics, said: “AcceleDent represents an innovative opportunity for orthodontists to explore greater efficiencies through the possibility of faster case finishing, as well as truly position the practice as a full-service clinic with the latest treatment technology.”

OrthoAccel is anticipating the conclusion of another US clinical trial at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio with a target completion date later in 2010.

Texas-based OrthoAccel Technologies is a privately owned medical device company currently engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of products to enhance dental care and orthodontic treatment.

Melbourne-based ABO is an orthodontic supplies company serving the needs of the Australian orthodontic profession.