The Glasswing system, which provides a non-invasive solution for continuous and spot Hb measurements, is designed for monitoring anemic conditions, detecting hemorrhage and screening pre-donation samples.

The company said the hemoglobin measurement system can be used in various clinical environments including perioperative and critical care, emergency medicine, blood donation facilities, women’s health, primary care physician’s office as well as homecare.

The system can also be used for real-time communication with electronic medical records in the hospital or blood donation centers, on-line storage and download of data, as well as with other digital data devices and printers.

OrSense CEO Lior D. Ma’ayan said hemoglobin measurements obtained by the system in multiple applications, showed accurate performance compared with the gold standard invasive reference values.

"Our non-invasive system was found to be environmentally friendly, safe, fast and easy to use by the operating staff, and is already in use in multiple blood donation centers and blood banks in around the world, improving donor and patient safety and care," Ma’ayan added.