Periogenix is a new oral wound dressing technology that is intended to protect injured periodontal tissue (gums) by forming a temporary physical barrier to avoid further irritation.

OroScience said that Periogenix helps clinicians manage oral wounds by providing a barrier to assist in the process of acute and chronic wound healing. Clinical and animal studies demonstrate that Periogenix protects and safely promotes the healing of post-operative surgical wounds.

Phil Houle, COO and Mark Fontenot, CEO of OroScience, said: “ACE Surgical’s highly trained marketing and sales organization is a natural fit to market and distribute Periogenix to dentists and dental specialists in the North American dental market.”

Bryan Pearson, a periodontist practicing in Lafayette, Louisiana, said: “Proper wound healing is a critical aspect of oral surgical procedures. Our clinical experience has shown that post-surgical wounds treated with Periogenix appear to be in an advanced state of healing and we’re now expanding its use in our surgical practice.”

Craig Carchidi, president of ACE Surgical, said: “ACE Surgical Supply has been on the cutting edge of dental surgery advances for over 40 years, and we pride ourselves on careful evaluation combined with a constant search to provide our loyal customers with products to help enhance their practice and patient outcomes. We are very excited to partner with the team at OroScience and introduce Periogenix to the market.”