The two products have been designed to reveal genetic information that can eliminate some hindrances to optimal health.

The two products are the newest members of LIFEPROFILE suite of genetic tests, that help in identifying the impact of genes on specific areas of a person’s body and offer insights into the person’s genetic makeup.

BLISS helps in assessing genes that impact behaviour in the areas including addiction, risk of alcohol withdrawal, marijuana and nicotine dependence or cravings.

It can assess tolerance to pain, joint sensitivity and migraine risk. The test can also assess genes that influence panic behaviour, positive mood, euphoria and happiness.

BLOOM, on the other hand, helps in assessing genes that impact childhood development in the areas of education, math, reading ability and reasoning skills. It can assess genes associated with creativity, including perfect pitch music genes and the ability to discriminate musical patterns.

It can assess genes associated with nutrition such as sweet tooth, lactose intolerance, obesity and cilantro hatred. Physical attributes including bone and muscle strength along with sleep duration, staying up late and sleep disruption can also be assessed with BLOOM test.

ORIG3N co-founder and CEO Robin Smith said: "There are several types of behavioral and developmental genes – from your likelihood to experience euphoria, to your probability to be a warrior or worrier and how you can develop your potential in music, math or fitness.

"Once you understand your genetic makeup, you can make choices to change your lifestyle in a way that's tailor-made for how your body works."