OrbusNeich, a cardiovascular technology company, has reported long-term results from the REMEDEE trial evaluating its Combo dual therapy stent.

In the REMEDEE trial, the Combo dual therapy stent has shown to actively promote rapid endothelialization and deliver long-term, true vessel healing. The results have also showed that the dual therapy stent shows no late target lesion revascularization.

The results demonstrated that the target lesion revascularization remained stable at 5.7% in both years two and three of the follow up on the REMEDEE trial. The results showed that the Combo stent has showed no thrombotic events over three years.

OrbusNeich president and COO Wayne Johnson said that based on the company’s extensive clinical program, it believes that the Combo stent can deliver short-term benefits in the form of rapid endothelial coverage and the potential for shorter dual antiplatelet therapy; the mid-term benefit of control of neo-intimal proliferation; and the longer-term outcome of stable, consistent, long-lasting healing.

OrbusNeich claims that Combo is the first dual therapy stent to both accelerate endothelial coverage and control neo-intimal proliferation through the combination of pro-healing technology with an abluminalsirolimus drug elution delivered from a biodegradable polymer that achieves full and complete dissipation by 90 days.