OptraSCAN claims to be the developer of  world’s first on-demand digital pathology system to deliver fully integrated, affordable systems & solutions.

OS-SiA is set to be the first AI-driven digital scanner in the industry, capable of providing real-time predictive analysis and actionable insights.

OptraSCAN founder & CEO Abhi Gholap said: “Digital Pathology scanners found in the market are restricted to partial/whole slide image acquisition and digitization of slide into an image.

“To overcome all these challenges, the thought of inventing a next-gen scanner – OS-SiA was born; wherein AI based classification modules and complex image processing algorithms are embedded in the scanner itself, eliminating the need of additional processing applications.”

Claimed to be highly flexible and customisable, OS-SiA scanners are designed  be embedded in OptraSCAN’s existing series of cloud-enabled 15-120 slide brightfield scanners namely OS-15 & OS-120.

End users can use the analysed information as a reference heatmap to achieve a high level view of the tumour, rare events, or any other areas of importance.

In addition, the digitized images taken from OS-SiA are compatible for viewing in local, web based, and mobility-based image viewers.

OptraSCAN medical advisory board chairman Jiaoti Huang said: “It’s no denying that Pathology today has transitioned to a next level, all owing to the technology advancements. OptraSCAN is a front-runner of this movement and has proven that time and again.

“OS-SiA scanner, driven by artificial intelligence, is one such innovative creation that is specifically designed keeping in mind the ease of operation for the pathologists.”

OS-SiA is also set to provide algorithm framework for algorithm developers facilitating effortless integration of third party algorithms.

OptraSCAN claims that it provides tools for transition from conventional microscopy to Digital Pathology for the effective acquisition of whole slide images, viewing, storing, real time sharing, and reporting through On-Demand or outright purchase model.