Optics Balzers has launched a solution with new CrBlack coating for reducing light scattering. Optics Balzers utilises the black chromium properties in solar collectors and sunglasses, and adapted them to additional uses in medical devices and industry.

Optics Balzers said that the CrBlack chromium coating is an optically black coating distinguished by its high absorption capacity and its minimised reflection in the VIS range. Its color hue can be tailored to customers’ specific requirements, to produce a black chromium part with a blue component.

CrBlack helps in high reduction of scattered light and an ROHS-conform coating, CrBlack is suited to applications in lens systems of medical devices.

The high adhesion of the coating on glass and metal in conjunction with its high application temperature of up to 250°C allow uses in a wide variety of fields. The CoatingPlus capabilities of Optics Balzers also enable CrBlack to be patterned for demanding applications.

According to Optics Balzers, the CrBlack black chromium of Optics Balzers is characterised by its high environmental stability and durability. The whole-surface or patterned coating can be easily cleaned following additional process steps.

Optics Balzers is a supplier of optical coatings and components. The Liechtenstein-based high-tech company focuses on selected markets such as sensors and imaging, biophotonics, space and defence, lighting and projection and industrial applications.

Optics Balzers offers products and services that range from optical thin-film coatings, glass processing, patterning and sealing technologies to optical subassemblies, and are acknowledged as being unique worldwide.