The company has signed a lease for a 40,405 square foot building at 1300 East Anderson Lane, Austin, Texas, that was previously used by Sorin Carbomedics. On-X LTI will begin a 19-month transition from its present site at 8200 Cameron Road to the larger facility this week.

“We continue to experience increasing acceptance of the On-X heart valve in the US and around the world,” said Clyde Baker, On-X Life Technologies president and chief executive officer. “The relocation of our operation to this larger facility will permit us to expand our manufacturing capacity to meet this demand. Although some renovation will be required, it is extremely fortuitous that a facility that previously housed a heart valve manufacturing operation was available for occupation. Moving into this building, rather than constructing a new facility to meet the special requirements of our operation, will save the company several million dollars. In addition to the building, we’re also benefiting from the relocation of the Sorin Carbomedics business from Austin to Italy by gaining several pieces of vitally needed equipment and a number of key employees.”

On-X Life Technologies also renewed its supply agreement with Ascension Orthopedic Inc. (AOI) in December 2008. The Austin-based medical device company uses On-X pure carbon in the manufacture of joint replacement, trauma and tissue regeneration surgical implants for use in upper and lower extremities to help patients suffering from pain and dysfunction. Ascension currently markets nine different joint reconstruction implants made of On-X carbon and is actively developing new uses for On-X carbon in joint reconstruction.

“The long-term supply agreement with AOI in combination with the ongoing growth of our cardiac surgery business provides On-X LTI with the assurance of increasing demand for our products and a growing base of operation for the company in Austin,” said Baker.