One Lambda, which is now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, has gained regulatory approvals from the US Food and Drug Administration and Ministry of Health Canada for its HLA Fusion Software version 3.0.

HLA Fusion Software version 3.0, which is a companion solution to molecular typing and antibody screening products, is designed to help personnel experienced in HLA analysis by suggesting typing and antibody screening results.

The company said products including LABScreen (antibody detection) and LABType (HLA Typing) products, LAT, LCT, FlowPRA, and MicroSSP can be used along with the new solution.

In addition, the software provides all the tools and applications from version 2.0 and its related Service Packs, support with Luminex xPONENT 3.1 acquisition software for LABScan 100.

One Lambda marketing director Stewart Han said the launch of new solution helps in positioning the company’s molecular typing and antibody screening products at the forefront of transplant diagnostics and improving the quality of patient life.