One Health Direct (OHD) specifically designed its Genesis system to help reduce the burden put on clinics and their staff when assisting and treating patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes. OHD’s HIPAA-compliant system absorbs much of the education, qualification, and administrative processes to navigate often confusing and complicated healthcare industry requirements.

In addition, providing patient onboarding, training, and ongoing support through live phone and online resources further eases the burden on a clinician’s staff time. By avoiding the amount of training required to assess and process a patient’s needs, time spent answering questions, and tracking down medical records, OHD frees clinician staff to focus on other patients and areas of the business.

Physicians who partner with OHD often point to documentation and administrative workload as being a significant burden on staff who should be prioritizing their time on other responsibilities. Rather than becoming experts in compliance and qualification requirements, leaning on OHD to service their patients’ needs has enabled them to improve care for more patients.

Typically, a physician and their staff treat a variety of ailments within their areas of expertise. Being aware of a multitude of treatment options, plus staying up-to-date on the different requirements to be compliant in prescribing, billing and dispensing is a significant burden on their time. Conversely, OHD’s staff are trained subject matter experts and up-to-date on the specific conditions and treatment options in that specialty. Freeing general practitioners and clinic staff time, who can instead focus on treating the urgent medical needs of patients instead of becoming versed in specialty areas presents a major opportunity to save resources.

“One Health Direct focuses on the patient, and prioritizes the physician,” said Alois Rubenbauer, founder and CEO. “Our physician partners stand to benefit from our system in a number of ways, from freeing up their own time and staff resources to increased patient satisfaction. A number of them are a strong source of referrals for us and become valued partners.”

Using OHD’s system, which roadmaps the entire process to ensure all aspects are compliant, helps alleviate these demands on staff capacity. This simple, efficient, and streamlined process saves time and resources. OHD’s system has protocols in place to ensure compliance for staff in qualification and fulfillment.

Source: Company Press Release