Precision health solutions provider One Drop has secured CE mark approval for its artificial intelligence (AI) based blood glucose prediction analysis engine.

The AI-based tool will help forecast glucose levels precisely up to eight hours in advance for people with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes.

The company stated that the approval is based on the proven accuracy and self-reported helpfulness of the company’s eight-hour glucose forecasts.

In 2018, One Drop first launched glucose predictions to the member experience. At present, Digital Membership subscribers can secure glucose forecasts combined with real-time advice for exercise, diet, and lifestyle adjustments.

The One Drop app provides glucose forecasts and behavioural recommendations to eligible members.

One Drop CEO and founder Jeff Dachis said: “Receiving the CE Mark reflects One Drop’s commitment to quality, safety, and compliance for the benefit of our global community.

“This recognition helps us on our mission to transform health, change lives, and create opportunities. By empowering people living with chronic conditions to finely tune their decisions, One Drop sets them on the path to better health outcomes, peak performance, and a more fulfilling life.”

One Drop is claimed to be the first and only provider of glucose forecasts for people living with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes.

Till now, One Drop has gathered up to 25 billion longitudinal health data points across 75 biomarkers from millions of users in 195 countries,

The One Drop app gathers glucose, weight, blood pressure, food, medications, and physical activity via manual input and passively collected connected medical devices.

It can also be directly incorporated with HealthKit, GoogleFit, Dexcom, Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Companion Medical.

One Drop is also engaged in the development of a multi-analyte dermal sensor, which will generate thousands of new data points per member per day.

The company stated its diverse data trains advanced machine learning algorithms behind its eight-hour glucose forecasts and predictive capabilities for people using CGM, and long-term outcomes forecasts for diabetes-related biomarkers.

Since 2016, the health platform from One Drop has been available to consumers, employers, insurers, and healthcare providers.