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EarlyCDT—Lung is used by clinicians to assess lung cancer risk in high-risk patients who have an indeterminate pulmonary nodule (IPN), and is highly specific in detecting all types of lung cancer at all stages of disease.

These attributes make the test complementary to the high sensitivity but poor specificity of CT scanning.

EarlyCDT—Liver aids in the detection and confirmation of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC, liver cancer), in association with imaging, in high-risk patients with liver lesions of all sizes.

Oncimmune (USA) general manager Marco Casarin said: “Our collaboration with America’s Choice Provider Network is one of several payor and provider agreements we have recently finalized to ensure as many people as possible in the U.S. are able to use our EarlyCDT tests to facilitate earlier diagnoses.

“Especially in lung cancer—with nearly 1.6 million Americans having an incidentally detected nodule on the lung—a positive EarlyCDT—Lung outcome enables quicker clinician intervention and better patient outcomes.”

Oncimmune is changing how clinicians, researchers and patients view, diagnose and treat cancer. Our technology detects evidence of the body’s natural response to cancer, enabling detection four years or more before standard clinical diagnosis.

Our tests facilitate clinical decision-making and are complementary to diagnostic technologies, making them valuable additions to established and new care pathways. We partner with leading developers and distributors to make our technology available globally.

Oncimmune launched its platform technology in 2009, followed by its first commercial tests, EarlyCDT—Lung and EarlyCDT—Liver.

To date, over 155,000 tests have been performed for patients worldwide. EarlyCDT—Lung is being used in the National Health Service (NHS) ECLS study of 12,210 high-risk smokers in Scotland, which is the largest-ever randomized trial for the early detection of lung cancer using biomarkers.

Source: Company Press Release